and the shopping continues...

The continued purchases
I've fallen and I can't get up...

or something like that. :) But at least we are heading back to our home towns tomorrow because that will slow the tide. And yes, you do see more socks. Yesterday's were wool. For da kid. Today's are cotton. For me. Never mind. If you see anything resembling shoes in any of the photos. Disregard them. It is a figment of your imagination. Or bags. I do not buy bags anymore. I have enough bags. *ahem*

Today we headed to Galena, Illinois for a little day trip. (there is a little video on the Galena page where you can see some of the lovely buildings/architecture of the area. Gorgeous!) It was a beautiful side trip and we did plenty of shopping. I have done enough shopping now to suit me for a while. But did I finish my holiday shopping? No. This is okay, however, as I still have Chicago to look forward to. Help my bank account now. Please. ;)
yes, we have found coffee everywhere we go.
After the shopping excursion we went back to a new favorite haunt because the pub was standing room only for some unknown reason. ambiance?After dining on fish and chips for Marge and tortellini with tasteless sauce for me, we enjoyed some ambers and ambiance (okay, tonight? ambiance? not so much... I seriously thought this guy was going to sit on my shoulder to chat with the people at the table behind us as he told his joke to them. I told M if he bumped me with his a$$ once more he was going down and that was when she whipped out her camera. Because I'm so big and tough. I did end up giving him a pretty good nudge with my shoulder just before she took this photo which is why he doesn't look nearly so close as I'm complaining about.) before heading back to the final night at our hotel. The ambiance there was not so enjoyable either. It was a full house tonight and it was full of loud folks with very little regard for those around them in the thin-walled hotel.
But I played with the computer and photos while Mystical read her book. When I finish this I'll be finishing a notebook so I'll be having a fresh start with November and that other thing that starts with the new month.... (shh. Let's not say anything about it this week. But I have new pen, lots of ink, and notebooks galore along with books to inspire ideas and such for the time I spend at work on it.)

Tomorrow? We travel back. And I hope to finish some mittens! woohoo!

The coffee? It is not always good. But it is always necessary. I yawned all the way to Galena today. Thank dog for Kayte.

flowers in the attic?And in closing, Vicki? Now that you are in Illinois yourself, keep an eye out for the unusual pets some of your neighbors may be keeping. There was a lovely yarn shoppe in Galena today, but check out the apartment upstairs! Yikes!

In my head: Yellow Brick Road by Elton John (thanks a ton Mystical... You will pay...)

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