She's ALIVE!

Okay. I've awakened from my stupor and as I enter the eve of my DC journey for the Celebration on the Hill, I am really beginning to get excited. I mean really! I wish I was taking you all with me. Or at least that I was taking a sweet little notebook with me so I could be blogging every step of the way. But alas, I do not have that ability. You'll have to wait for my updates when I return. Unless I find some incredible internet cafe with available computers or something. HA!

I'll have my camera along, so expect more of a photo journal as I find those more entertaining to the masses anyway. Go here if you want to find a live video stream of the event. How cool is that? I've been watching them build the Wall of Hope on the Mall each night (and observing how crappy the weather looks) at this page. That's been fun.

Today my folks' and I went over to visit Kel and deliver the new microwave they bought for her place. The one she had over there finally died after it gave about 15 years of great service to me and my loved ones. The past several years you could only open the door by sticking various things into the holes at the lower corner of the machine because the push-button had broken and finally the thing that actually poked in when you pushed things into those holes had broken. Go figure. You could still open the door which the girls had ingeniously figured out by tying a piece of yarn to the latch inside the door and draping it up over the top of the door and out, but it wouldn't run regardless. I guess that pokey thing did more than open the door. There must have been some sort of safety switch or something on it. Meh. They have a replacement now.

We all went out to dinner at a great Italian place on Grand... d'Amico and Sons. It was delicious. And filling. And now I still have packing to do.

Sara? Michael? Missy? Take care of my baby this week. :( I will miss her. Smooches luv. Huge hugs. At least we are not missing dance class, eh? We'll dance our toes off next week. Keep practicing the time steps and break so you can remind me how they go. Blast my memory. Or lack thereof.

You can find tons of Relay For Life blogs here. I just discovered them tonight myself. I'll bet there will be lots-o-updates about the COH as we go along on that site. All I know is, it will rock. Emotionally. Physically. Mentally. Good times will be had by all.

In my head: lists of things to pack

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