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I spent time truffling today and in the background had the Living DVD playing. Because of this, and the warm fuzzies I got hearing David Bailey perform his song One More Day on the video, reminding me of the several times I've heard and seen him do this live, I just wanted to share the lyrics with you (with his permission, granted via email a while back). But if you really want the full effect, you need to hear them.

I suggest you order a dvd (reasonably priced on cdbaby) or grab the song which is now available for download in all the usual places online. Better yet, buy the DVD from cdbaby. It's really inexpensive and then you can get the whole experience of seeing him perform some of his music and get a picture of one of my true heroes in this cancer fight.

Or go check his website for the concert schedule. He'll be in PA and MI soon. OK, too. He's well worth the usual small donation at the door to attend. Okay. On with the lyrics posted for a friend with adventuresome journeys and travels in the future...

One More Day (1999 Kerrville Finalist)
These lyrics are copyright (c) 2006 by david m. bailey. All rights reserved.

Don't let the grass grow beneath your busy feet
Don't let the grass grow above you when you rest
You've got one more day to get to where you're going
One more day to give your very best

Don't let the clouds forever block your sunshine
Don't let the sunshine blind you on your way
You might have years of tears put behind you
But right now you've got one more day

One more day when you can hold your children
One more day you can hold your wife
One more day when you can watch the grass grow
One more day when you can live your life

Don't let the cynics tell you they know better
better yet, don't let them talk to you at all
You've got one more day to prove that they know nothing
One more day to find your private call

Don't let your loved ones ever doubt your passion
Don't let your passion ever start to fade
I know how it feels to be so frightened
But right now, you've got one more day

One more day, when you can hold your children.....

In my head: Tucson by David M. Bailey

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