Who blognapped this place?

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programing.

Keli comes home tonight! Or technically since they land just after midnight, Keli comes home tomorrow! Woohoo! I can't wait to see her photos. I hope she took some. I hope she has lots of stories. Yeah, I'm a little green-eyed. I admit it.

But have you noticed my avatar over there on the sidebar? She's all dressed for and walking on the beach. That's because she made it to Florida ahead of me. I'm headed there next week for the memorial service for my dad's brother Ken.

So I'll get a little ocean time in myself soon. With some family in attendance. It won't be a sight-seeing occasion with new sights to be seen, like sea lions settling in for the night along the piers, but I'll still enjoy my time there. Because I haven't been to the St. Pete area for about 14 years I guess.

And I almost forgot the mileage of the day...

Today's inspiration: Butch, who starts radiation treatments next week (and didn't look very happy about it when they told me. *sigh*)
Today's miles: 3
Total so far:18.5
Still to go for goal: 481.5

In my head: don't ask... I'm begining to sound like a broken record in this category...

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