Uh huh...

KinnicChick Keri does the whole Chef thang...

That's right. You aren't hallucinating. I'm preparing to really help turn BC Truffles into the biggest thing going. Do not fear my past cooking perils. I rock at truffle making. Just you wait. We will rock the world with our truffly goodness.

Today's inspiration: Dale J. (Bonnie's co-worker and a former neighbor of mine, though I do not know him personally). Dale has a whole lotta cancer going on and the big battle ahead. Please hold him in your thoughts and prayers.
Today's miles: 2.7 to finish it up big
Total so far: 500!
Grand Total since starting this whole thing: 2000!
Still to go for goal: 0!

In my head: When a Man Loves a Woman from The Big Chill Soundtrack since I watched that movie and it has one of the best soundtracks going from any movie, any time.

And finally, my thoughts are quite preoccupied with my Keli-bug tonight. She lost her last great-grandpa today and she is very saddened and full of empathy for her grandpa and great-grandma and other family members who are suffering from the loss. She is headed out to California for a little vacation next week and feels bad that she'll be missing the funeral/memorial. So keep her in your thoughts too. Thanks.

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