Tough to get old...

And this is no reflection on certain parties who have recently celebrated their birthdays around the blogosphere. I just felt like an old lady today. I had a hard time waking up this morning after what was a fairly normal bedtime of near 2. (She's home! She's home!) Then after a fairly easy day in which I went over for a macchiato and some good conversation (picking up a couple of fresh home-grown tomatoes in the process thanks to coffee buddy, Ralph), I went back to the apartment, picked up a small load of things to run to Kel's new pad, gassed up the car and headed out, meeting her and a boatload of her friends over there. We unloaded things and I left them there to hang and check the place out so she could celebrate her new digs with her best friends in private.

I drove back to town, got some lunch and a smoothie which I stuck in my fridge forcing myself to get the miles in first - treating myself to such things as sustenance only after I did a little decent work for it. Then I enjoyed the refueling on my patio with a book but I could barely keep my eyes open! So I went in and just decided I would lie down on the bed for a few minutes and woke up two hours later! What an old woman! *sigh*

But I followed it up by making a phone call to a friend and we got out and put some fresh air in our lungs with a bike ride and had dinner outside overlooking the river from the patio of a restaurant I haven't been to since maybe high school. It's an institution of a place - the one everybody gets into their frilly prom dresses for in April or May and goes off to pay the big bucks for seafood in the spring before the big dance. And tonight our waitress told us that it has been sold and will close it's doors in September. Most likely they'll tear it down for condos like everything else in that town. Oh well, everything gets old everything changes. It's the nature of life.

Today's inspiration: Heather's Aunt Sue
Today's miles: 3
Total so far: 21.5
Still to go for goal: 478.5

In my head:
Hometown Blues Off the Anthology: Through the Years two disc set from Tom Petty and the HeartBreakers. (I can't believe it either.)

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