Ooooh - simple, clean. I likey.

I had stumbled on these the other night and then found this lovely little Mississippi template that I thought I would use until the bug messed me up big time. (Yeah, I know it looks perfectly innocent when you look at it on her site... well something is wrong, believe me.) I guess I'll probably stick with this one for a little while at least. Thanks to Cursing Mama for pointing me back in their direction again.

(Not quite black and white, Mystical... But you could have designed it yourself!)

I have a long way to go to get all of my sidebar stuff attached (I know, I know. Gone are the days of simple and clean when all of that gets hooked up, but hey - it's who I am and what I'm doing all of this for. So there.), but that's the easy stuff. Just a little at a time. So if you get hit with my pings every time I update, I apologize. ;-)

And only a couple of hours and many phone calls between here and California later and I'm done! (and the phone calls had nothing to do with blogging, so there!) Well, it's as close as it is going to get for tonight. I'm still missing the all-important link to my Relay website, but honestly, that is going to be disconnected in just a couple of days anyway, so I don't really need that. Our 2006 fundraising drive is coming to a close. THANK YOU ALL! I didn't break $1000 for blogathon, but you DID help me break $900. $900! That is so dogdamn incredible. I am still shaking my head at that phenomenal number. All for 24-hours of blogging. You people are so generous and wonderful.

Smooches to all of you. (And yes, I know that the bottom of my sidebar looks ridiculous. I haven't even looked at it with the evil IE. Any of you using that will just have to look at your own risk. I don't think I want to know how bad it is with that browser.)

In my head: Baby from Dave Matthews Band

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