One last thank you...

I don't want to beat this Blogathon thing into the ground, kids. I really don't. (That link takes you to the first post of the 24-hours, in case you want to hit all 49 of them because you are a glutton for punishment...)

But you all came out and supported me in a huge way on this thing and as the donations continue to come in (I had another couple emails from ACS congratulating me for donations to my site when I logged in this morning), I just had to post one more thank you. I sat down and totaled it up again just now because I knew it was getting bigger than I ever dreamed it would and all I can say is Holy Freaking Cow. You are the best. I'm blubbering here. Do you have to keep making me cry?

Total at this point for my virgin Blogathon: $901.50

I was thinking this would be worth it if I could hit a couple of hundred, folks. How you have all blown me away. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And because I am a shameless fundraiser now for ACS since I've seen cancer kill too many of my loved ones and I want to kick its ass, here is yet another plug: There is still time to get in on this action, boys and girls. Oh yeah. We could shock the blogging world and take it over a grand in honor of the family I've lost this summer. Uncle Ken was a survivor of cancer. Aunt Dot was riddled with the beast. And Uncle Bye was also a survivor. These are three of the loved ones I have lost in the past three weeks. Ain't life grand...

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