New Inspiration...

I was reading over at blog buddy Michael Manning's site this evening and learned about a new Inspiration for my list. *sigh*

Her name is Sahara and she is battling a Stage IV GBM tumor down at MD Anderson in Houston (a cancer center which I know some of my readers are quite familiar with) and is staying with her family at the Ronald McDonald house because they don't live there. I know they could use some help with that for those who have the means. There is a link for that on her site. Check it out if you can.

Now it's back to work on planning my next steps in this battle... Do I plan another 500 miler? Something different perhaps? I know I have Christmas stockings to make. There are already orders placed for these. There is the Celebration on the Hill coming up in September to prepare for. And now I've heard there is the Leadership Conference in October I may be playing more of a part in.

Or perhaps I should relax for a couple of days and just let my mind sit and germinate. heh. Play a little ping-pong with the kid before she moves out and see what pops into my brain.

Go visit Sahara. Give her some positive fightin' words.

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