My four days in da U.P. (with pix)

The view of the bridge from my patio
Yeah, I know... You can go to flickr and see the pictures. I don't care. I'm still going to show some of them to you here. If you don't like it, go read another blog. (Oooh, I'm getting snarky...)
  • Marquette is very different than Marinette. 'nuf said.

  • There are trains running in the night in Marinette. Right. Beside. The hotel. I felt like I was being rocked to sleep. Kinda fun.

  • You definitely can make the drive between the western side of Wisconsin and Mackinac Island (or back) in one day. We proved it on the way home.

  • I brought my farkel equipment to the reunion. We did not use it. Good news or bad news? I guess it speaks well of the fact that we did not need to use it.

  • I am now the proud new owner of a t-shirt that says "The Dude minds, man." And when I say proud? I mean it.

  • The weather, as CM pointed out after looking at my photos, was quite glorious.

  • I am only missing one family photo. I believe it was taken while I was out searching the grounds for one missing family member needed for the group shot.

  • The sibs...
    My daddy (far right - isn't he cute?) and his sibs...

  • One evening while our family was gathered around the campfire cooking s'mores, laughing our butts off at one thing or another, sharing stories about historical family events, talking about various missing family members (hey, if they're missing, it's gonna happen and it's all their fault ;) - oh well...) another group of people were at the other end of our complex cooking chicken and wild boar that they had shot in Florida and then dragged up to Wisconsin with them. Unfortunately this was taking place on a grill right under my deck and they warned us, or rather, congratulated us that we were leaving the rooms for the evening because wild boar rather stinks as it cooks. I was thinking it probably stinks just from being dragged up to Wisconsin from Florida after being shot days earlier. blech.

  • One highlight of the weekend was the evening we had to wander around cleaning up goose poop before our campfire because we didn't want the grandkids stepping through it during their hop/skip/jumping around in the dark as they ran from adult to adult with s'more makings telling all of the excitement of the events of the day. Oh yeah. That was a fun one. ;) Still awaiting photos from Uncle M from that event.

  • Did some fine shopping. Got Kel a giant poster for one of her new bedroom walls. As she put it, "Gotta get them covered soon. Right now they are like a blank canvas." This isn't a good thing to hear about a rental unit. Picked up a couple of books as I ran out of reading that first night. Sometimes people just go to bed far too early.

  • Ended up with a migraine the very first morning and it hung around for a couple of days. But by the last evening (of course) it was on it's way outta dodge.

  • Did a bit of walking. Less than I wanted to. I really wanted to polish off that final 19.7 miles while I was up there. I didn't quite make it.

  • There was some discussion about the 2008 family reunion. The possible locations of said reunion include California, or a castle in Italy. I'll go either way, provided I can find the financing. I had a great time.

  • There are many beautiful things to see and do in the area. Some day I may go back up to see the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum because the Edmund Fitzgerald Memorial sounds fascinating to me, and there is a restored 1861 lighthouse quarters that I would love to see. Besides that? Lake Superior just thrills me. I really love it up there. And I didn't get to Marquette, either. I would love to see Marquette again. But if I have to skip it for many more Blogher conventions in Grand Marais, I'll do it. :)

Updates will be forthcoming. I'm not nearly finished with this yet.

In my head: The Farmer and the Maiden an old Girl Scout song my mother used to sing.

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