Monday. The recap.

Considering I think some around here would like it if I would blog a bit already so things would scroll along and get off the main page, I thought I would post a brief update this evening. Things are a little hectic around here with Kel's final moving day creeping up on us and two days worth of school orientation and the truffle business gaining some momentum and a little travel thrown into the mix.

I have some day to day things to accomplish as well. I think I mentioned quite a while ago that my car needed the oil change. Yeah. There's still that to attend to. Next week. When school starts. And the Leadership Summit stuff and DC coming up. I have a slight tear in one of my contact lenses. Some time I'll replace that. Some time I'll get on the ball with a mileage update around here. And there are still tap dancing lessons, thank goodness!

We were over getting a couple of things moved in to Kel's apartment yesterday and getting a few things hung up in her room to make it more her. (See pictures!) There is still the matter of the dresser to get over there. I'm a little worried about that one, but hopeful that with the drawers out it will be doable.

I'm starting to feel more human tonight after finally getting some coffee into me today (first one since leaving for Florida... I had a little dark-colored water at a restaurant one evening and I had some of my Uncle's fabulous coffee the morning of the memorial service, but being that far into the trip and missing the Claritin-D I had only just started back on for my allergies - there were several of us sneezing down there - when I ran out the day we left and I never picked any more up) and picking up the claritin this afternoon and starting that back up again. The headache that I woke with Saturday morning before the memorial service is only now at 10 pm on Monday, finally gone.

Tomorrow it is off school with Kel for orientation. We may go back to her place and hang photos on the wall from there. Who knows?

In my head: It's Not Unusual by Tom Jones :)

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