It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Super*mini*Blogher!

I was unable to attend the annual BlogHer convention in Grand Marais this year because of familial obligations, at which I had a fantastic time, I'll have you know. So instead, I intended another such event, which lasted a much shorter length of time...

Yes indeed tonight was the mini-blogher starring KathyHowe, CursingMama, the man in her life known only as Mr. Motorcycle, and myself.

Okay, so the thing is, CursingMama has never gone out there and actually met another blogger in person before. So she brought her bodyguard husband along with her, just in case Kathy and I turned out to be homicidal maniacs or crazed lunatics with a mind to kidnap and attack her. I don't blame her. I was pretty intimidated the first time I went off and met up with the Internets, too. I also brought a bodyguard along on the trip to Chicago to meet my online connections (Hi Kathy, Katie, Liz, Kathy, Colleen, Amanda, and Beanie!). Some of them did, as well. Maybe not for that reason, but... I digress.

I'm sure she wasn't thinking along those lines. But she had to put off their trip to the cabin and Mr. Motorcycle wasn't giving up a trip to the cabin to sit at home. If she got to go out for some good food and drinks, why shouldn't he? No reason I can think of. I think there is some rule however, that if you attend a blogher, you must start blogging. (I just made that rule up on the spot. What do you think? I think it's only fair myself.) Let him know that, will you CM? We'll be waiting to read along with his adventures.

Now CM had a lovely new purse. (No really, a purse! - see KathyHowe for other things when purses are discussed.) We'll have to discuss that further some day. We are all quite excited about this whole concept. Bags R Us.

It's her! It's really her! Cursing Mama!
Oh, and that sweet avatar Cursing Mama keeps on her blog? Yeah, it looks just like her. With one exception. her face? CM looks just like Wynona Ryder (It's in the eyes or some damn thing). So she's this adorable cute little Wynona Ryder. And being a Mini-soh-tan, she could be related, I suppose. (Heck, you should run with that one, CM. I think you might be cousins or something, aren't you?)

And one final note of the evening - Kathy and I were comparing our battle scars. Yes, we've done things like cooking in kitchens (attempting) and cooking over an open fire (or handling coleman lanterns or some such shite)... And we've got the scars to prove it.

Battle Scars

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