Sleep writing 101.

I was just skimming through the blogathon posts and realized I did a little more sleep writing than just in that one post where I talked about it. It makes sense. I was exhausted after all. heh.

I mean, does this make sense to you?

4:45 and I've resorted to cold coffee, Tom Petty (Echo CD), ice packs on my shoulder, and knitting a couple of stitches at a time until I am afraid that my dozing will knock the needle out of the project and I wondered if sie could put the charcoal gray one on. I think that is how things will shake out, besides. And soon I yope.

ROFL! It started out strong and quickly fell apart. :) Glad everybody else was sleeping and didn't catch it. I should just do a whole new category of blogging - sleep blogging! Like sleep walking, but less dangerous and more muddled!

You know you're a true writer when you can do it in your sleep? With your eyes closed?

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