Let's keep it down... Keri is napping today in an effort to have as much energy as possible for the blogathon tomorrow.

In the meantime, she has a couple of requests:

  1. Please please please sponsor me! I'm begging you! You will have my undying gratitude forever if you'll sponsor me! I've heard from my ACS rep (well, all team captains have heard from him) that if our team earns $500 in online funds before August 25th they will waive our registration fee for the next Relay. It would be totally cool if I could raise this through Blogathon! I'm halfway there already because a couple of donations were done directly on the ACS site without registering through the Blogathon site and I've raised over $200 through Sponsorships... so PLEASE???

    As you know if you've been reading, my charity to benefit from this event is the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life of Hudson.

  2. Then go tell all your friends what I'm doing and that it would be great if they got out here and cheered me on tomorrow and helped me stay awake and gave me blogging ideas and sponsored me, too. Heck, just think... Since I'm halfway already, if only 25 more people sponsored me $10 each, I would reach that goal. *sigh* My blogging and real life friends and family ROCK I tell you!

  3. Finally, there is the fact that I'm a First Timer in the Blogathon... It would be nice to put in a good showing and not be a total dweeb at this thing. There's a first time for everything! Even insanity...

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