The Me Meme and some mileage...

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated.

The me meme

Found at Kazoofus's:

My answers will be found here either later this evening or at the latest by morning. whoopdi freakin' doo. But I've posted some mileage. Yo.

I know ~ that cancer will be battled and kicked in the ass in the near future. Solved. Put to bed. Cured. Damn disease.

I believe ~ my brother will kick his smoking in the ass and never look back.

I fought ~ as a kid in the neighborhood I was a minor neighborhood bully but I was mostly the bully's sidekick. When she wanted to pick on someone, I was assigned the job of luring the victim out into the area where the job could be done. So I didn't do much fighting, but I was a bad little brat. That was me. Oh yes. Right Car? :(

I am angered ~ when the people that I love are confused by the very love that binds them and cannot see how easy it is to just let go of the clenched up ego or pain or whatever it is that stifles that love and simply give one more hug. Take a breath. Say I love you.

I love ~ Family. Keen sandals... caramel macchiato. Laughter. Sunshine! Fast walks. Reading at a coffee shop filled with friendship and love where the music is good, the hugs are free and the people aren't afraid to give them.

I need ~ my coffee in the morning. I've moved on from vanilla latte to caramel macchiato.

I take ~ half and half and a little sugar in my coffee if I can't have my macchiato.

I hear ~ music in my head all of the dogdamn time.

I drink ~ in large quantities every day... water mostly. Some coffee, too. ;)

I hate ~ my really slow firing memory.

I use ~ Aveeno everything just about.

I want ~ purple Keens.

I decided ~ tap dancing night is one of the most fun nights of the week.

I like ~ lots of activity.

I am ~ very young.

I feel ~ wonderfully healthy.

I left ~ the swimming pool area completely dry today. Didn't even dip my toe into the water. It was crowded with many people.

I do ~ believe I won't make that mistake again. Next time I'll swim even with a large crowd of strangers. It was hot!

I hope ~ to have a scooter/moped someday. Maybe the boys will make me an honorary member of the rubber knife gang. ;-) heh.

I dream ~ of the cure for cancer happening really soon. And it makes me weep with joy even as I write this. And weep with sadness for those who will not see it happen even as I write this.

I drive ~ like a BatOutofHell. Well that's according to certain sources.
I listen ~ to an iPod to try and combat the earworms constantly at work.

I type ~ really fast thanks to Mr. Fegely. *hunt and peck... hunt and peck! Will you please get your fingers on the homerow people!!! Eyes forward and off your fingers!*

I think ~ New Mexico is quite lovely. The first time I visited there it felt like coming home. And the second time. And the third... The Badlands of South Dakota had much the same feeling for me. I'll be heading that direction this fall again with Mystical Marge. And I may have to distract her and drive off to the south at some point and drop through Colorado to New Mexico or something while she's not looking. I miss it. I miss it a lot.

I wish ~ New Mexico had a shuttle between here and there and I could go there quickly any time I like for a day or two. *sigh*

I compensate ~ for no New Mexico by heading to the Badlands this fall, I guess. And that will be lovely. :) Especially since I'll get to travel with my buddy Marge.

I regret ~ not dancing with favorite uncle when I was a wee little girl and he needed a partner in the grand march of his daughter's wedding. And that's about it.

I care ~ so much for so many that my heart hurts. I cry easily.

I should ~ I hate the word should. It should be banished.

I am not always ~ the easiest person to get along with. But I try.

I said ~ I said just this morning while sitting at coffee "It is time to get serious about my writing." and then I read this meme on Kazoofus and read that she is going to write a book. :)

I wonder ~ about a lot of things. And when I wonder? Sometimes I get this look. Kel knows the look. My head tips to the side, my eyes glaze over... She calls it my ditz look. Or something less politically correct.

I changed ~ Yes. They are clean. If I am hit by an ambulance I will never be embarrassed. heh.

I cry ~ at just about everything. Although I went through a period in the late 80's when I thought my emotions were broken and the sappiest movies could not get to me. I was a stone.

I am ~ yearning to play frisbee. Or ultimate frisbee. Or frisbee golf. I hear some people talking, but they're all talk. ;) Nobody is walking the frisbee talk if you know what I mean. *sigh* And I was hoping we'd get something together for RF Days. Oh well.

I am not ~ counting my chickens about the ultimate frisbee team, I guess you could say. I was hoping that people in the know would pull a few other people in the know and those who actually have a life could sort of set up some time when a practice or two could come together but... ALAS and ALACK... ROFL... oh man. I'm so full of it.

Is anyone crying or playing their tiny violin out there? *snort*

I lose ~ my keys all the time. Scissors all over the house. And so I'm always buying them and labeling them with room names so they will stay in the rooms for which they are purchased. It sometimes works.

I leave ~ sleeping until noon to the youngster. I have given up that practice. It seems to have helped my migraines.

I guess that wraps up this portion of the me Meme...

What says you?

Today's miles: 4
Total so far: 396.8
Still to go for goal: 103.2

Saturday's miles (July 1st): 5
Total so far: 392.8
Still to go for goal: 107.2

Friday's miles (June 30): 3.5
Total so far: 387.8
Still to go for goal: 112.2

Thursday's miles (June 29): 4.5
Total so far: 384.3
Still to go for goal: 115.7

Wednesday's miles (June 28): 4.2
Total so far: 379.8
Still to go for goal: 120.2

Relay For Life... It's about being a community that takes up the fight...

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