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The American Cancer Society Relay For Life represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated.

because the cool kids are doing it.

  1. Tap dancing class is going great. And there is a new student in our class starting this week. She is a teenager and has excellent rhythm. I have a feeling she will be brilliant at tap.

  2. It's... blue!My daughter has some beautiful blue hair as of yesterday. Not all over blue. Just some. Because she is cool like that. I understand that the latest style for tap dancing students is blue hair. ;)

  3. There are, as yet, no interior photos of the new apartment where she will live as a college student because when we went to sign the lease, the son of the current tenant was hanging out eating his Easy Mac (I kid you not) and we weren't comfortable wandering around casually snapping photos. But I do give you one photo of the exterior. Lovely, no? They are on the upper level. You can also see some of the other houses in her neighborhood out here.The new digs while Kel's at school (upper level)...

  4. Keep those ideas coming for the Blogathon. So far I've been discussing some Farkel, dining in with others cooking for me (yum), dining out, being out and about with the camera and blogging these adventures... looking for more. Remember peeps. I have 48 posts to report. woohoo. Wanna get creative. There's money on the line!

  5. I'm going here tonight. Are you jealous? You should be... I can't wait. Which makes me think, I should probably head to the shower and start to get ready. We're all going out for dinner first. I'm so excited!

  6. The other purchase from IKEA is complete. I love them.The other set of shelves is complete!

  7. More mileage put on today. In the heat. The oppressive, beautiful, wonderful, disgustingly hot, heavy, heat. I love summer. Like no other season. I am definitely a summer person. Remind me of this if you hear me complaining about it. Because there is nothing like this heat. I may have to get up earlier tomorrow or at least get out earlier tomorrow to put the mileage in, because it can be difficult going up the hills and when finishing, going into the coffee shop for a cool drink and standing there looking down and watching the sweat beginning to realize I have stopped and start to pour out of my body as I wait for my drink. Ew. Okay, that was the worst sentence ever. But I think you get the picture. It was still a fabulous, glorious morning for a walk.

  8. My elder brother is even more elder today. ;-) And they are off to see Wicked. And for that? I am jealous. Because I tried to get tickets to take Keli. And could not. It sold out faster than... well faster than something. Hope you all have fun.

Now I am off to the shower after this posting of the mileage.

Today's miles: 4.4
Total so far: 439.7
Still to go for goal: 60.3

Relay For Life... It's about being a community that takes up the fight...

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