The 9:00 post - #3 Blogathon 2006, Yo.

Here we are again. Already. Amazing how time is flying by. I'm just feeling so fortunate that I don't have a migraine this morning as by the end of the last couple of days I've had them raging. Don't state the obvious here. I'm not going to.

By the way, Robert? Your gift arrived just in the nick of time this week. I had the worst migraine ever the other day when it arrived and when I awoke the next morning after having used the miracle eye pillow off and on during the night, it was gone having used no chemical assistance. And it smells lovely. Deep gratitude to you and Karen for that. As soon as some of the heat and humidity dies out a little up here, truffles will be headed your direction. You'll be getting the great big variety pack unless I hear some hints about flavors that are a particular favorite in your household. I'll send you a list of those available this week. Big hugs friend. You rock.

I am seriously going to go into business making some pillows like those and selling them. Of course to my fellow migraineurs they will be gifted. I couldn't possibly profit from others in such pain. But for those just wanting to pamper themselves? yeah, they can pay for them. ;-)

How come blogger doesn't show the same editing buttons on Safari? It is so strange.

I have the copy/paste thing figured out but now I have to do all of the linking stuff by hand rather than just clicking a button. *sigh* It will take me all day at this rate. ROFL! ooh. that was funny.

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