The 9:00 pm post - #27 Blogathon 2006, Yo.

It's Blogathon day! 24-hours of Solid Gold Fun!

I have five minutes. :) Yeah, Game one of the Farkel tournament has now ended. The Farkel King has proven his worth once again. He is king of the farkels. :)

If there is anyone hanging around right now, let's talk about addictions. I'm not talking about negative, bad addictions here.

I'm talking about not so negative addictions. Here are my current addictions:

  • Relay

  • blogging (this one won't last much longer, I bet)

  • keen shoes (I currently have four pair of sandals and one pair of shoes)

  • coffee - duh

  • walking

  • reading

  • writing

  • 24

What are your addictions? I'm sure I have more and they will come to me while I'm farkeling during the next 30 minutes. I'll let you know if they do.

Join in the fun by stopping by often and make sure you comment when you do visit. I want to know who comes by. And if you want to donate to my favorite charity - The American Cancer Society's Relay For Life of Hudson, you can do so by Clicking Here!

(If you happen to have Norton Antivirus with Adware blocking installed, you may have a little difficulty because of a bug in their software. You can shut off adware to go to the Blogathon site and sponsor me. Or you can simply head HERE and sponsor me directly on the Relay site.)

Thank you!

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