The 8:30 post - #2 Blogathon 2006, Yo.

You know something? There really isn't a lot of time between half hours. So when I look back at the history of Blogathon and how it all got started and the fact that the first person who did this actually did posts every fifteen minutes and did 96 of them while she watched movies? I highly doubt she got anything out of those movies she was watching. Because I didn't learn a whole lot from the few minutes I just spent trying to learn a lot from the help section of the iBook just now before I realized I needed to start writing the next post. I'm not going to have as much time to kill between posts as I thought I might.

I was kind of thinking I might get some cleaning and organizing done at the house, too. And do some before and after photos. HA!

And Mark, you suggested in comments a couple of days ago that I write about movie that I heard about my whole life and finally saw years later... For you it was Casablanca... It's funny you mentioned it that day. I had just picked up Breakfast at Tiffany's. I adore Audrey Hepburn. Who doesn't? Absolutely stunning and graceful. I have mentioned that I've been reading stuff from Truman Capote and I'm pretty sure you were the one who also mentioned he wrote that particular book. Well, that was a movie that has been brought up over and over again and I'd never seen it. Since the books are always better than the movies, I decided to go that direction first this time, rather than reading first because I'm always disappointed in the movies after the fact. Oy. I get what all of the references have been to Holly Golightly now, but I'm pulling my hair out about why the movie has been such a cult classic. It has to be just because of Audrey, I guess. I couldn't stand it. Loved her, hated the movie.

More movie reviews here later. Stay tuned, folks. Bash me below where you find the 'speak to me' clickable link. heh. Book reviews to be found, too! Coming soon!

Hopefully I'll figure out how to do a copy/paste with this keyboard soon (right clicks are so not obvious...). Maybe Kel will be awake soon, check the home computer and come to my rescue. heh.

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