The 8:00 post - #1 Blogathon 2006, Yo.

I would be remiss if I didn't kick off post number one with a big thank you shout out to all of my sponsors thus far in Blogathon. DivaTrudi pointed out to me in an early morning email that I've already reached over $400 in pledges for this very cool charity function. So Thank You All!

I thought I would kick off with this short and sweet little post. I was too excited to wait around home for the appointed hour to arrive, so after showering and dressing as comfortably as I could to be ready for anything today, I gathered up Keli's very cool wireless laptop (which makes me jealous everytime I see it) and headed to the Mighty Dunn for some coffee. I mean, I don't want to overdo the caffiene right from the start this morning, but I also don't want to kick off the event with a headache, either.

But now I have a bit of a learning curve to adjust to with the iBook as I don't use it often, and there was the short drive to consider in coming here...

So I'll start by just letting you know a few of the things I'm planning for today. I've got my camera so I can do a couple of photos of various locations I'm always rambling on about, I'm hoping to head out for a short walk or two from various locations and maybe get a photo or two of the funny things I see along the way, there will be dinner and a farkel game or two with friends at 3 Hats later where there is another wireless net so I can blog from within the food and gaming, there will be the weekly writing with Mystical Marge and posting of writings that happen there... Kimby has suggested some Junk Yard writing so I'm hoping that will occur as well, with others getting in on the fun in the comment section perhaps.

So let's let the games begin! If you haven't sponsored me but want to, you can do that by clicking on the Yawn Blogathon button in my sidebar. Man, I have to learn a LOT on this computer before my next POST!

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