The 7:00 pm post - #23 Blogathon 2006, Yo.

It's Blogathon day! 24-hours of Solid Gold Fun!

Wes and Michele have arrived and my parents are just leaving. Things are hopping here at the Hats. A tiny little miniature dog has just departed, as well. Interesting.

I've asked for suggestions from my companions here on a topic so that I can just GO on something and not think and get this dang thing done. They are no help whatsoever. And so I must go myself. I'm ready to pick up my phone and call Marge and ask her to look something up for me.

I'll have a meme to do later in the evening, but that will take far too long while I have company here with me.

So. Prom Themes. Do you remember yours?

Grasping at straws here people... Stairway to Heaven is what I'm picturing because of decorations in our beautiful gymnasium. Christopher Cross had that lovely song "Sailing" and that was one of our themes. What were the others? I have No. Idea.

What were yours?

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Thank you!

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