The 4:00 post - #17 Blogathon 2006, Yo.

It's Blogathon day! 24-hours of Solid Gold Fun!

Mystical just took off and I'm going to travel back to my house as soon as I post the 4:00 writing. Unfortunately I have no idea what this one will be about. *harumph*

I haven't taken any photos yet. I feel funny taking pictures of strangers so I didn't want to take photos of the weekend crew working here. I could have taken a picture of Wes who was here working on his computer for a while. But I didn't. I could have taken a picture of Mystical hard at her writing. But I didn't. I couldn't take pictures of the Erberts and Gerbert's crew making our sandwiches because we're back to the strangers thing again.

I think the Dunn crew are totally sick of seeing me here so I'm really ready to clear out. I want to walk home but then my car is stuck here and I have the computer and all of this other stuff, so I can't really do that. Maybe after the 4:30 post I can go for a quick walk. I'm feeling so sluggish that a little exercise would be good for me. I should have had Cheri come over for some tap dancing in the garage this evening after farkel. :)

Okay. Going to post a couple of seconds early so I can clear out. Hard to sit here when they are trying to sweep around me. *sigh*

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