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The green-eyed monster. I remember being a very jealous girlfriend when I was in highschool. And how silly that seems to me now in retrospect. But you can't beat up on your teenage self too much, I guess.

There was one instance in particular, I walked in on my then boyfriend sitting on the floor beside a girl in the otherwise empty bandroom. They were chatting and giggling and having a good time. She was so pretty. She still is, in fact. I see her once a year and she just doesn't change. She is a timeless beauty. Anyway, I got absolutely beside myself with jealousy. I saw them sitting there and my stomach filled with dread and I became ill. I knew at that instant that I had lost him to this perfect girl, because not only was she beautiful, she was the kindest and sweetest person that I knew.

I spun around and beat it before either of them saw me. I headed down the hall blindly and out into the commons where a friend saw me and stopped me to ask what was wrong. He could see in my eyes that I was upset. I tried to assure him that I was fine but he wasn't buying it. I kept going and headed straight to my best friend. "Have you got your car? It looks like a perfect afternoon for shopping and a movie to me."

She grinned and grabbed her car keys and purse from her locker and we were free. Pizza Hut, Kmart in Stillwater (this was before Hudson had any real shopping - obviously before Stillwater did, either! :)) and then a movie... we knew how to live, baby! I could count on being saved by Pooh.

It was years before I ever talked to that beautiful girl again. Because it was all her fault that my boyfriend would sit so cozily with her in the bandroom you know. And she and I had been very cordial and friendly prior to that stupid incident. Jealousy is such a ridiculous thing. I'm so glad I've grown up since then.

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