The 3:30 am post - #39 Blogathon 2006, Yo (The one where I do another meme... heh)

It's Blogathon day! 24-hours of Solid Gold Fun!

Five items in my freezer
A very awesome new eye pillow that smells so divine
A gel neck pillow, also used for my migraining days
A package of Dabruzzi's cheese raviolli
A package of Morningstar Farms mini corn dogs
A package of Morningstar Farms soy bacon

Five items in my closet
A step stool so I can reach the upper shelf which nothing is on
The two laundry baskets which are piled with junk that came from the old house
Two knitting bags with half completed projects because I do not knit in the summer, especially when the heat index is 112 as it was part of today
A photo of the eldest sibling as a young tween kicked back in our house on Gray, looking very hippie
A bag of stuff from the old file cabinet that I no longer have

Five items in my car
My tap shoes
Keli's tap shoes
A local phone book
A stress ball/Capital from Celebration on the Hill training that one of the other Reps gave me
Lanyards filled with Relay pins hanging over my rear view mirror

Five items in my purse
iPod, duh
Purple ink pens
Drink cards for the Mighty Dunn
Punch cards for the Mighty Dunn
Navigator Cards from ACS

Woot. I like memes in the middle of the night. Next up? Vacation hot spots ala Heather. Thanks dear!

Not much to report, but if I can find a photo or two, that will help. :)

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Thank you!

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