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It's Blogathon day! 24-hours of Solid Gold Fun!

Next topic: Write about being late... I have 15 minutes until post time...

I hate being late but apparantly, my body/mind just seems to work better when I am. So I perpetually do. Which is why I've earned the name Batoutofhell girl, I think. I drive that way because I'm always running late for things. I don't want to arrive late to things, or turn things in late for work or back in the day for school, but I just seem(ed) to work better when I was approaching the deadline. So I tended to put things off. A lot.

What's that? I have an appointment at noon? It's half an hour across town? I'll leave twenty minutes before I'm due. But I'll be there pretty much on time, flying in the door at the last possible second.

When I do leave with plenty of time ahead of me? I'm still running on high octane fuel and with every cylinder blazing. Take Thursday night, for example. I picked Keli up 45-minutes prior to our tap dancing class and we were about 15 minutes away. This would leave us enough time to pick up bottled water to drink in the warm dance studio (it was about 95 degrees outside - can you say hydration boys and girls???). I literally flew up to town thinking out loud about which would be the fastest way to Cheri's house and making my decision based on the fact that we had to stop for water. I headed to the grocery store mentally planning the shopping trip. Kel said, "Why not stop at Target?" which was a closer store and had water bottles right on the checkout lanes. So I made a quick reroute and pulled in there instead, mentally changing gears to the new purchasing thoughts.

I was in and out of the store inside five minutes and back on the road again. As we approached the road where Cheri lives/teaches I looked at the clock on the dash and realized we had about 25 minutes before the start of class. I chuckled and glanced at Keli. "We're a little early, huh?"

She looked back at me and shook her head. "I was wondering what your big hurry was when you were talking about fastest routes and practically running into the store. Do you remember last week when you picked me up at the same time so we could actually shop for a few things? We wandered around the store picking things out and taking our time."

We ended up driving around the neighborhood for twenty minutes as I pointed things out to her and laughed about houses that I thought people lived in when I was a kid and my school bus drove that route. I even pointed out where a teacher of hers had lived as a kid. We were still the first students to arrive. It was weird. I'm not an early person. I wonder if I was late being born. Because being early like that is just not in my nature.

Thinking about that, it's just lucky I'm getting these posts in on time! yay me! ;)

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