The 12:00 post - #9 Blogathon 2006, Yo. How'm I doin' so far?

It's Blogathon day! 24-hours of Solid Gold Fun!

I must have some strong juju. Marge called me within minutes of posting that photo and she hasn't even been online yet!

As long as Ken is online, I just have to say this... In reading over your list of ideas that I can post about to stay busy for the 24 hours, I have to laugh everytime I come to this one - Post my favorite recipes for special occasions.

That must be when I cut up soy hot dogs and/or brocolli to add to the easy mac or something... ROFL!!! That was a good one!

I spent so much time in formatting to set up a signature on here that I've run out of time to post. Another shorty. This will NOT be the norm. So sorry. Back again soon (as you well know).

Join in the fun by stopping by often and make sure you comment when you do visit. I want to know who comes by. And if you want to donate to my favorite charity - The American Cancer Society's Relay For Life of Hudson, you can do so by Clicking Here! (If you happen to have Norton Antivirus with Adware blocking installed, you may have a little difficulty because of a bug in their software. You can shut off adware to go to the Blogathon site and sponsor me. Or you can simply head HERE and sponsor me directly on the Relay site.)

Thank you!

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