The 11:00 post - #7 Blogathon 2006, Yo.

First of all a couple of shout outs - Thanks to Iki for her linkage to my blog and to my parents, Trish, Lisa and Mark for their sponsorships... I don't get emails from Blogathon telling me when I have sponsors, which means I have to go check on that as well as writing and everything else that I'm doing - driving to places or farkeling or writing or eating or whatever... so if you do sponsor me and want me to shout out (None of the above were expecting a shout out, I'm just doing that), then please email me or comment. Thanks!

Wow. Your response has been so overwhelming. You all rock. I'm so appreciative.

So remember earlier this summer when I ended up all itchy and splotchy? And there was some question as to what caused it and all I could come up with was my big signature statement - the oodles and oodles of cancer bracelets that I was wearing? Well, I stopped wearing them and eventually the hives went away and the itching stopped and it didn't come back. So I chalked it up to a fluke and put them back on again. Well, lo and behold they came back. Drat. But I still chalked it up to a fluke because these are a symbol of who I am and what I do, dogdamn it. But I took them off and put them away for a while and things cleared up. After many days. And a lot of itching.

Well a few days ago I decided that enough was enough. I was certain that it had been a lotion I was using at the time. Had to be. Because there is No. Way. it was the bracelets. None. So I pulled them back out again. And I put them on. I took them off at night for sleeping to give my skin a break. And nothing happened. My wrist beneath looked okay. Everything was fine. For two days, maybe three, I was wearing them. With a nice break at night and during showers. And there was no itching.

Until this morning when I got up. I noticed I did a little scratching before I reached to put them on. "Uh oh." I thought. That isn't good. Then I reached up to my neck. That was the other place that I broke out so badly before. I was a little itchy there too. I didn't scratch. I just gently rubbed. "Huh."

Sorry for this stupid photo, but there were only two that showed the bracelets out on flickr... this was the least stupid...


I left them off this morning. Sitting here at the Mighty Dunn in the natural light of the window, I turned my wrist over and had a peek about an hour ago. It's suspiciously speckled and bumpy. It still itches. Dang it. Guess that concludes the current bracelet/allergy experiment for this month.

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