The 10:00 pm Post - # 29 Blogathon 2006, Yo

It's Blogathon day! 24-hours of Solid Gold Fun!

First, thanks to KathyC for her donation on my RFL site! Smooches! And thanks to Ken for his sponsorship! Woohoo! This thing just keeps getting bigger! Michele asked me at 3 Hats tonight if it was worth it. Well, I'm only just over half done, but so far? Heck yes! And a big thanks to Beth for pimping my blogathon on her site!

The first Junk Yard topic has been tossed out by Miss Kim. I hope several of you will play along. Here are the rules for JYPoetry... Junk Yard Poetry Day......

First...The Rules.....

1. NO EDITING! ( you are on your honour on this one)

2. Must postbefore the follwing weeks topics go up...( originally it was that the poem had to be posted in mere minutes, but given the different time zones and locations it makes more sense to allow for these things) Please Use comments to let me know you are in! ******By now you have all realized how lax i am about this rule.....

3. Poem has to be written in less than 10 minutes.....Yes you heard me 10 minutes or less, with again i repeat..No EDITING

The topic - Bugs!

And for me tonight, seeing as how it is 9:55 as I'm writing this sentence, I have five minutes to compose my poem on bugs... Please post your own in the comments or on your blog and let me know you have!!!!


Bugs do not please me at all.
They make my skin itch and spine crawl.
There's one thing I wish.
And that's bugs to banish...
Because bugs drive me right up the wall!

Thank you. Thankyouverymuch.

Join in the fun by stopping by often and make sure you comment when you do visit. I want to know who comes by. And if you want to donate to my favorite charity - The American Cancer Society's Relay For Life of Hudson, you can do so by Clicking Here!

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Thank you!

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