You didn't think I was kidding, did you?

My new dancing shoes... how else is a girl going to make a little noise in this town? ;) I haven't bought them yet, I'm just at the "Picking them out" stage. But with class starting this week, I thought I'd better get cracking!

Also? I'm doing a little playing around with the lovely (and free) blogging toys over at wordpress.com. I'm liking it a lot and am very tired of all of the problems exprienced of late here at blogger (albeit free). Funny how I've paid for haloscan commenting (and have not yet figured out how to bring that along to wordpress), and paid for my blogrolling abilities and my flickr account, but with something as hugely important to me as my blog? Yeah. Still being a cheapa$$ and going with the free stuff.

What am I waiting for??? I think I'm probably waiting for a major disaster to take it all away from me or something. :( Yep. That'd teach me. Anyway, you can find the new site here: Still Running and once you get there, you might want to set a new bookmark as I suspect I'll eventually move. I'm posting both places for the time being and hope to get comments all synched eventually. But I may not. In that event, this will exist forever with the old comments and I'll have the new blog using wp commenting. *harumph*

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