As we flew down the road today on our way to the high school for her beautiful graduation ceremony (it was fabulous), I burst out laughing.

Keli: What?
Me: I just had the famous last words run through my head. "I can pass that guy."
Kel: Yeah, I just know I'm gonna be in the car with you when you say it that last time and we have "the big one".
Me: Nah. Won't happen.

I invented the Bad Ass School of Driving. Crap. I still gotta get Zoofy's certificate in the mail...

Seriously, the ceremony was lovely. They told us it would be 75 minutes long. I think they were maybe a minute or two short of that. The kids all wore a little white ribbon in remembrance of the classmate they lost a couple of weeks ago in a motorcycle accident and his chair was empty but for his mortarboard. :(

The wind ensemble played a beautiful piece and that was the only time I cried silent tears. Watching her play with her peers that lovely french horn for what might be the very last time such a lovely bit of music...

She had a huge cheering section and cheer we did. Her Aunt even sent Uncle Bob flying home to get the forgotten pom-poms to utilize for her one last time. She hates those things! :) I think there were around 20 or more of us there for her. It was great. I hope to have lots of photos to put up eventually. There were enough cameras there driving her crazy that I should.

Now she is off visiting other graduates who are having parties around town. An appropos finish to this lovely day. And she has had some time with her gorgeous little sister. Hoping to have a photo up of the two of them together soon too... (hint hint!!!)

I have a drive to make now. Coffee would be good. Haven't had nearly enough of that today. It's been a very busy weekend. June. One event down, half a dozen to go. *sigh*

Congratulations my jelly bean. You have made me more proud than any mother deserves to be. Thank you for this incredible ride.

Class President Brendan delivers his welcome address diploma in hand

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