The Relay in Photos (Indulge me)...

I won't put many here. If you really want to see it, head over to my flickr account. Unfortunately, I wans't manning the camera that night. Had I been? You'd have gotten some shots of the after effects of the deluge, too. You'd have seen me all drippy standing in the pouring rain, perhaps, at the edge of the food booth where I eventually took shelter at one point. You'd have seen J's white clothing after carrying the rain sodden everything under cover of tents to protect it. He was pretty much gray and brown and black before he left around 1 am to head to his other Relay.

Well, here's what you do get to see...

A few shots of things in the prep stages...

Here part of the committee is working at setting things up and discussing how things will go during part of the ceremony.
Committee prep work
And here, our ACS contact sets up the sound system that will be used not only for announcing and speech-giving, but also for playing the music "all night long" as we circle the track.J sets up the sound system

Now we're in the Relay Proper... The ceremony has kicked off and the color guard has come in to start things up for us.
Our Torch LightersThese two survivors are our torch lighters.

Next they have a survivor's lap and small ceremony and meal for all of the survivors who come and/or are invited. Survivors Keep on Walkin' This group seems so small compared to some years, but it was still a great group of survivors.

Then our team prepared for the team parade (going with this year's theme - beach party) and went out on parade and had our team photo taken. Here Dad and I stood waiting for the rest of them to get their acts together. I think I was the last one over to the campsite but I was the first one ready to get on that track for the parade. This is one of my favorite parts of the evening. :) Dad and Keri

Well, you just head on over to flickr if you want to see them all. I've bored you enough with this many. Besides, I have to head out to get the kid.

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