More Fun with Keri's Camera Phone...

Good grief. Here we go again. I've been saving them up. Enjoy.

So yeah. That first one??? There is the cinderblock wall. Where? No clue. There is part of my hand and the bracelets on my wrist. But when it was taken I couldn't tell you. Or what happened. The story usually goes something like this - I have my hands full of stuff and I've also got my phone and whatever else I'm carrying is pushing against the stupid exterior button on the phone that turns on the camera and holds it down. Apparantly that makes the thing start assuming you want to take a photo. How dare it make assumptions like that!

I especially love it when Keli goes to my album on the phone and she'll suddenly say, "What is this?" That's when I'll know I've done it again.

I call this second one "What the beep?" in honor of Jena, who I hear use that phrase frequently, and because when I look at, that's exactly what I say. The photo itself has nothing to do with Jena. Well, as far as I know. Since I have no clue what it is, I really can't say for sure!

These last two... severe close ups of my dusty steering wheel. I realized after I'd already snapped a couple of pictures that I was holding the phone in my steering hand and it was pushing the camera button against the wheel itself and photos were being taken. heh. I only took two! But that's when the memory in the phone reached it's capacity and it wouldn't take anymore. Thank dog. And you can see the engine wasn't working very hard. BOHG wasn't in full gear at the time. ;)

As soon as June is over? I'm treating the purple rustbucket powerhouse to a complete detailing.

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