It is finished...

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated.

  • I am exhausted. Actually it was fininshed by 10:30 this morning. We were done cleaning up (or rather I was finished with my portion and what I saw I could help with ) and I was out of there by 11:30 this morning. I then came home, showered off 24-hours of dust, grime, sweat, rain streaks, and more dust, grime and sweat. From there I went to the local cafe for a wee bit of real food as I had lived the past 24-hours on coffee, a half of a sub (no, not Jimmy Johns) and a couple of rice krispie treats with the peanut butter in and chocolate on top that as each of us bit into them we would look around with this look on our face of rapture and then say, "oh. my. dog... who made these???" I never did find out. When I returned from this bit of lunch I fell onto my bed and did not move (other than answering a phone call (hi mom) at which point I pulled the plug on my phone and buried my cell in pillows beside me, hoping I would still catch Kel when she called for any needed rides). I only just stirred moments ago and thought I would give a quick update. (yeah, shut. up. I know - when are my updates ever quick?)

  • Speaking of phone calls and messages to wake up to? DJ Wes? Your message about Tommy Shaw and Styx was just plain cruel, man. We will talk. But great thanks to you and Michele for stopping up to visit and braving the elements. That was sweet.

  • Yes, we did get rained poured deluged and lightninged and thundered and seriously winded upon. The elements did their best to send us home last night and quit with the party already. Instead? We moved the party into the gym, still managed to have a beautiful luminaria ceremony and celebrated the reason we were there. Hope. We were back outside by midnight. Well, those who were outside were back out. I headed into the beautiful counting room (I do not call it the dungeon any longer - we moved from atheletic dressing room this year to a real classroom! Woohoo! Kathy L - that saved our butts and made things oh so much better. Thank you.

  • Yes, your donations are still welcome. The books on this Relay do not close for a couple of months, folks. Keep 'em coming. I cry with each and every arrival of one. So for the two that arrived yesterday via the online site - one from a new donor (whose online identity, if they have one, I do not know) and one from my dear KathyK? Thank you. I wept to come home and find those emails. I truly wept. And I blubber into the keyboard yet again. :) You both rock.

  • You know, the generosity of my readers might just bring this Relay right up to the original goal! (Well, a girl can dream.)

  • Keith's Brain Trust rocks for the hard work that they did and the tireless efforts they put in all through the year for this cause. Smooches to all of you! And smooches to all donors. Once again our team brought home the Top Online Fundraising Team award. Thank you from the bottom of my exhausted little sleep-deprived heart.

  • Numbers are slightly down but we knew that going in. Our total number of teams was down, so we knew everything else was likely to be down. I'm not going to commit any real numbers to print here.

  • I did manage to find a new Registration Chair for the Relay. He rocks. (Hi Peter!!!) That was totally cool. He helped us out several hours and he knows his numbers, too...

  • And Keith? Get working on that spreadsheet for next year - your new and improved version. Because you are now chained to that sucker. It is yours.

There will be more. Complete with photos. Bet you can't wait. :) Tears and smooches and love.

Update 1 am... Kel is now home and settled in to bed (such that it is in a futon on the living room floor... her back pain has returned). She had graduation parties to attend today and spent the remainder of the day with Michael. Luckily, they got a little sleep last night while both being troopers and attending the entire Relay, too... I can go back to bed now after retrieving her and settling her in. Where is that pillow? *yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwn* What day is it???

Relay For Life... It's about being a community that takes up the fight...

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