1. I'm feeling the results of Sunday night's sleep deprivation much more today than I did yesterday. My body wants needs craves demands necessitates? a whole lotta good strong 20-ounce over-a-million-made-5-star-latte-man's lattes today. As soon as I shower and am ready, that's where I'm headed.

  2. Being sleep deprived makes one's speech stoopid. Things I said last night which made my daughter tell me in no uncertain terms, "Go to bed."

    • "My feets hurt."

    • "Why won't the Jack start to playing?"

      This one wasn't just spoken with thick tongue. It was a ridiculous thing to say. I was looking through the DVD case trying to figure out why the show wouldn't play when the DVD was in the player and the power was on - but nobody had pushed play yet and it had been paused the last time we watched.

    • "We watched until both were sleepy and then paused to shut off and you went to bed but worked on cards. We only started and then fell asleep and shut off to go to bed. You said, 'I'm tired' and..." She shut me up with that one and said, "You can't even speak English anymore. What are you even saying? Just go to bed! What is wrong with you???" as I kept stopping and restarting my sentence to try and say something coherent and make her understand what I did actually mean.

  3. Walking in sunshine is wonderful. Walking in many different kinds of shoes, even cute and fabulous shoes, even when some of those shoes are meant for walkin', is not. I have got to get down to bidniz with my shoes. I am seriously killing my feet one day at a time.

  4. Making a teen's lunch at 6:30 am when sleep deprived can be an interesting experience. Even when not sleep deprived it can be interesting if the parent in charge is not Suzy Homemaker and not accustomed to making cold lunches... (Hey, Kathy... What was the group blog I was thinking you and I should start up when we were drinking our beers the other night? "Not just another Domestic Goddess?" "Domestic Goddesses R Us?" Something like that... Anywho) I mean, now that the kid has reached the ripe old age of 18, at least she knew enough to warn me a week in advance that she was going to need a bag lunch today. And yes, at 18 she could have packed her own lunch, but if you saw the mornings around here? You would understand the logic in my doing this for her. Neither of us is morning people to put it mildly...

    The contents of my fridge...Cold lunches aren't easy to pack from this wide array of choices... heh. Yes, fruit and more Chinese take out than you can shake a stick at. But two of those containers got cleaned out yesterday! So come on - give us a break...

    I have finally learned how to make a pb&j sandwich (hey, this was her request! And there is an art to the proper pb&j... I got the scoop from Bos - indirectly.) but I suspect that totally sloppy was probably not what she had in mind for the field trip... and unfortunately, I didn't have any sandwich size baggies, so yes, it went into the two gallon bag, folded over several times. :-/ And the strawberries? She loves strawberries, so a two-gallon bag of them will be great. The handful just got bigger because I couldn't stand to see all of that space go to waste. She'll be able to share them with her friends. *coughshe'sgonnakillmecough* The juice box should hold things in place along with the little pre-bagged thing of trail mix that she had picked out at the health-food store a few weeks back. It's a healthy enough lunch and if the sandwich isn't complete much, she'll be fine. (ROFL! In rereading to edit I see this sentence makes perfect sleep deprived sense, so I'm going to leave it alone!!!)

    Hey, I never claimed to be a domestic goddess. I'm a runner. I only wish I'd remembered the note. When she was little, she did actually take cold lunch every. single. day. Because she was afraid of the school lunches. Every day? It was egg salad sandwiches. Until she was so sick of them she nearly hurled just looking at them. And every day I included a note in her bag. Sometimes on her napkin. Sometimes on a paper towel. Sometimes on a sticky note. Always a note. Through elementary school. She kept them all. I don't know if they survived the move or not. Wish I would have remembered that note today. :( It would have been way better than the lunch. A non-sleep deprived mom would have remembered. Oh well. She loves me anyway.

Now I gotta get ready for that coffee...

In my head: Absolutely nothing. Who can hear a thing over all that silence that is the exhaustion?

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