with a bullet...

  • Last night was the Senior Band Banquet at Keli's high school. As she has spent the past six years excelling at french horn and mellaphone, she was an attendee and tortured in the slide show by photos I sent the band mom who put the thing together... I think she has forgiven me for it, though. (Let's hope she doesn't check out and click on the blog tonight...)

  • It was an okay time.

  • I learned this morning that her ensemble received a 1 at State last weekend. She said they laughed when they heard because they thought they sucked. I thought it was beautiful, so I agreed wholeheartedly with the judge.

  • There is no band called Quintessential. I do not know why I continue to block the name of the band Kel saw Saturday night while I was out having fun with Michele and Wes at Erin's housewarming party... (what a great place she is living!) and meeting Syd (sigh) the hairy one. ;) She saw Mike Doughty as well as, Gazillion. Gazillion/Quintessential. .. yeah, slight difference there. So I'm a moron. I don't think I'll forget again. We'll see. So somebody needs to form a band called Quintessential, don't you think? Sounds like a great band name to me.

  • I received my first check in the mail from my fundraising letters last week and today I received my first two online donations from said letters. Thank you to the G family for the awesome check and thank you Renee and Dianne for the incredible online donations! I'm rolling once again... The garage sale is Thursday and Friday. The hot dog/brat stand is the second weekend of June (hey Zoofy, are you coming over for lunch?). We are going to kick some cancer ass with the money we make this year again.

  • Will you help me? Just click the link to head over to my donation site and put in a little donation. Thanks! and Smooches!

  • Walked to the store and for coffee, etc. last night after the banquet. Good times. Nobody asked me if I was back again. Of course, I was at a different coffee shop entirely. That always helps. ;)

  • Today I took photos of the furniture that I'm selling in the garage sale. Now I have to head on over to the store and print them off so I can put them up on a bulletin board at the garage sale to let people know about it. I'm not dragging it all over to the sale. If they want to buy it, they're gonna have to drive out to the house and haul it away. I don't have the vehicle for that sort of thing.

  • Also, photos of my folks to come. We were there yesterday for a little cake and ice cream for my dad's birthday. He's going to be 75 years young tomorrow. With the twinkle in his eye, you'd never know he was a day over ?? I dunno. I'm bad with guessing people's ages. Always have been. Okay. Much to do. Many things to accomplish this week. Later...

  • mom and dad

  • I dedicate yesterday's miles to Jeff's dad, Allen. After hearing about the strong will to live this man has (colon cancer, heart problems, etc.), I have decided I want to be just like him when I grow up. :) Makes my little swollen ankle seem like peanuts.

Yesterday's inspiration: Jeff's dad, Allen
Yesterday's miles: 4
Total so far: 221.3
Still to go for goal: 278.7

Thanks to everyone for the really great comments about the photos. It isn't my photography. I was driving with one hand, holding the camera with the other and just aiming in her general direction and pushing the button - doing nothing special. I got lucky. She just happens to be a great subject. Whether she agrees or not. (She hates to have her picture taken... I was being very nonchalant and she couldn't hear the camera working so she had no clue I was taking any at the time. I will have to try this method more often!)

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