waiting up like a good mommy must...

If I didn't get out of the easy chair and head to this dang pc, I knew I would be out like a light again, and that just doesn't work when I may need to head out into the cold, cruel night at any minute to pick up my kid from her evening of music and fun with her friends in the big city of RF...

yes, i'm driving and taking the pictures

I'm beat. I had a fun evening of music and fun with friends tonight, too. I imagine mine was a little more low-key as it took place at the house of a friend who lives out in the country, where food was cooked out on a grill and in one of those deep fat fryers (but healthy fries were made in it and they were gooooooood...). The music played on and on from all of the cool bands that insisted on bringing back memories... Let's see. I may need help remembering who they played. AC/DC, Bon Jovi, (what was playing when we arrived?), The Boss (no more disparaging remarks about him from any of you or I'll actually wear my Bruce t-shirt to the coffee shop next week. That'll teach you.) Uncle Cracker (don't get me started), I think I heard a little Aerosmith at one point when we were in the garage reminiscing about the first concerts we ever attend... (heh, I'm still chuckeling about yours, Wes. I'm not going to give it away, though... I didn't laugh to the point of snorting - you guys haven't heard that. I'm saving that one until you can't live without me... ;) Mine by the way was Men at Work. It was definitely a good time. Thanks for the invite, Erin. I hope your frostbitten hand heals soon. ;)

I wish I'd pulled out my camera and snapped a photo of my new love, Sidney. Like another love of mine Striker (missing you so much, handsome!) this new interest, while a little hairier than most that I "go for" was really into playing with *ahem* balls. ;) What can I say?

Da kid, on the other hand, was listening to Quintessential and others who were rockin' the big city tonight. She looked so sweet today (as everyday). We were up at the crack of dawn because I had to run her to another big city for her fast and furious performance for State solo/ensemble. They did awesome - a beautiful performance. If I knew anything about pod casting and all of that, I'd put it on here so you could play it back. Some day.
that's my girl

I'm going to bed because the Awesome Sara just delivered Kel to my door. Yeah Sara! :)

What a great day. And I survived it with only one latte and one small java chip frap that I got when I went to visit a friend who is working for the enemy giant takeover coffee monster.

asleep but not at the wheel
Kel not being the driver, is always the fortunate one who gets to sleep on the way to where we are going... lucky thang...

Today's inspiration: the healing of the foot
Today's miles: 0 - rested foot which is wrapped
Total so far: 217.3 (same as it ever was)
Still to go for goal: 282.7

I have Romantica in my head tonight. New (to me) music rocks. Thanks, Wes and Michele!

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