Sunny day, sweeping the clouds away...

I was hanging out on Kazoofus Street earlier today and saw this meme and thought to myself, I can do that!

So here I am playing the ten word meme.

This how it works: Kathy gave me the letter "S". I'll write ten words and include a brief description of why I chose each word. If you would like to play along say so in the comments and I'll give you a letter to post to your blog.

Clear as mud?

Let's play!

The letter "S":

  1. Smooches! Well, duh. That's become kind of commonplace around here. It's practically a themesong or something.

  2. Sunshine, springtime or summer! (oh my!) What can I say? I kinda dig this time of year. I've asked it before and I'll ask it several more times before I throw in the towel on this blog, why in the heck am I living in Wintersconsin???

  3. Santa Fe One of my very favorite places ever visited on the planet. Granted, I haven't visited a whole lotta (did she say latte?) places, but this one takes the cake. It reminds me of the summer Keli and I took our infamous/famous Mother/Daughter Hippie Road Trip And it's close to another favorite place - Los Alamos with other very cool and interesting things to see and do...

  4. Silver I like it around my wrists or dangling from my earlobes. They have it in great and shiny quantities down there in Santa Fe. And cool people to design cool pieces for around your wrist at funky stores where people like Billy Bob like to shop.

  5. Skort skort (sk├┤rt) A pair of shorts having a flap or panel across the front and sometimes the back to resemble a skirt. Why skort? Because I live in them all summer long. You rarely find me in anything else during the spring/summer. Kathy found me in jeans and then *gasp* sin of all sins, (so many are shaking heads and decrying the horrid return of these things, but I have one pair and damnit, I look cute in them, I don't care what anyone says! ;) ) I put on a pair of gauchos! Oh, the horror! The fashion faux pas! Come on, let me have it...

  6. Sassy as in lively and spirited, or maybe even a little bit lippy but in a joke around with your big brother way... Never in a rude or nasty way.

  7. Sub sandwiches from Jimmy Johns. So fast you'll freak! ;) The number six. The guacamole spread will make you roll over or maybe just cry. It's that good. I could eat these every single day for the rest of my life. But nobody would ever want to talk with me again. I would have garlic scent wafting from every pore.

  8. Schipperkes. Or at least one little guy who touched my soul. Miss you Bear. :(

  9. Smithwick's Irish Ale - smooth! And besides, Marge and her mum are over there right now! Well, they might actually be in Scotland right now, but Ireland is on the itinerary, too. Lucky girls.

  10. Speedwalking which is my new sport of choice as running hasn't been possible since the injury to the upper muscle of the foot or ankle or whatever that thing is. But at least these days I'm walking on sunshine, baby yeah!

Today's inspiration: Tom McC
Today's miles: 5
Total so far: 256.3
Still to go for goal: 243.7

In my head: The original theme song for the TV show Sesame Street, which I watched faithfully every day when I was a kid.

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