Selling a house is hard work...

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated.

First you've gotta work to get it ready to show... And you know how that is. You do all of the stuff to it that you wish you had done to it while you lived there. Because you really would have enjoyed having those sparkly floor to ceiling windows to see the woods all the better when you were there. And you would have really enjoyed that clutter-free environment. And you would have really enjoyed that artwork on the walls and seeing the kid's photographs (as in, the ones she took because she is such a dogdamn great artist in her own rights) framed well and hanging everywhere or sitting on shelves in many places. And you would have really enjoyed seeing your neices in all their girls' night photographic glory everywhere around. *sigh*

Then you have to go through that oh-so-painful process of selecting the dreaded (heheheh - Hi Jon!) Real Estate Agent. (I seriously cannot complain here. We've worked with two. Count 'em, two. And they have both been lovely to work with. True, we have not yet closed on this particular sale - are you reading, Jon? ;) I'm telling everyone already how wonderful you are, dude. No pressure or anything... And Jon and I not only went to school together and worked together for a while at the drive-thru teller window of the local bank, but his parents and my grandparents both are/were Howards and Dorothys and my grandma babysat him and some (all?) of his siblings. Plus there was a time when his sis and I were pretty good friends and she saved me from a pretty embarrasing situation. Did I digress? I can't even remember what the heck I was talking about, so I guess I did!)

Next there is the actual putting on the market, selecting the time frame, and the price... blah!

And the showings! And the opens... and blah blah blah.

It's all so awful!!!

Good thing it went well. First showing - full price offer. Thank you buyers! And we've had things going smoothly for the most part ever since. Now the real work is taking place. Cleaning and tossing and selling and moving. Yuck. Only Two and One-Half Weeks left! :-/ Oy. I gotta get my butt moving.

Who wants to help!!!

Today's inspiration: Debutaunt :( Go visit her here and here. And send some prayers. Please.
Today's miles: 5.3
Total so far: 267.6
Still to go for goal: 232.4

Got the more than a million made mocha man (yeah, I changed it - all those "m's" just float off the tongue, don't they?) on the brain tonight and I'm sending good vibes. Hope I get an update soon, Wes... Hint hint. If you guys are online at all. Hi Michele! :) No cell service perhaps? Hugs to all of you. Hope all is okay and the trip went on as planned and that's why I heard nothing.

In my head: missing you from John Waite - blast from the past or at least the late '80's, no?

Relay For Life... It's about being a community that takes up the fight...

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