Open Mouth, Insert Foot...

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated.

While it is true that I haven't spent a whole lotta time around many people of the cloth of late, that is still a rather poor excuse for statements like the following. But hey, nobody ever said I was graceful of word... *chuckling*

DJ: You wanna try some of this great drink?
Me: What's in it?

He begins to rattle off ingredients, the very first of which happens to be coconut... blech.

Me: Uh, no thanks. *making what I'm sure is a very nasty face* Coconut is something to be spread on the body, not eaten.
DJ: Whoa! Too much information!!! Too much information!

and then later during our intense game of Farkel, he was tossing a few bad rolls of the die...

DJ: I am a really bad Farkeler.
Me: I've never heard your wife complain. *in my head - ba dum bum - and there is hilarity, but I can see the two of them laughing with some discomfort and embarrassment...

Must always remember to bite tongue when talking with the Holy roller Roaster... He can enjoy a great laugh as much as anyone, but I really don't need go all blue and go there. I can elevate my level of discussion and thought. ;-)

And there was one other great classic (not spelling out better than this, you'll have to just go with the flow here readers) which had him utilizing some initials and how he had been interpreting them and what they stood for. I took his use of "S" - "servicing" in that way, which left him really flustered when he figured out what I had thought he meant. Had I looked at his face, I bet he would have actually been blushing. I apologized and said I would raise the bar and try to remember who I was dining with. Unfortunately, this was our first conversation of the evening. *ahem* I didn't do so well... Hope he forgives me and continues to hang out with me. It's all about reform, eh music man? ;)

Today's inspiration: Marijean
Today's miles: 4.2
Total so far: 286.25
Still to go for goal: 213.75

(and thank goodness, Michele - he didn't pick up on any of the signaling we were doing each other to let him win at Farkel tonight... it went right over his head. Phew! I especially liked the story you told to explain away that old standard signal of touching the side of your nose. He bought it all and never doubted or questioned a thing. Now we've got him roped in to playing for another couple of weeks for sure... ROFL!!!)

Relay For Life... It's about being a community that takes up the fight...

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