mileage update... for Mary Jane and David Bailey...

Just a quick mileage update. I'm cruising around the streets of my new neighborhood getting familiar with what routes will get me what kind of mileage. And breaking in my feet. And my achilles, which I admit is giving me a little grief after just a few brief pounds a couple of weeks ago. So I'm walking. A lot.

I've not been icing, either. Ice, people. Good for the shins and other things that ail you when you are old and doing things that your body doesn't like you to do. Like run.

So Michele, remember when I told you I wasn't going to do another 8-miler today because I did that yesterday and I was still hurting? Well I had a little time to kill... check it out... Hope your adjustment was a good one. ;) I'm needing one tonight. *sigh*

Today's inspiration: David Bailey who recently announced another clean scan and will soon celebrate ten years as a GBM survivor! Congratulations, David! Wishing you many more years of life and love and wonderful music!
Today's miles: 9.4 (hey, when I start to come back, I come back strong - I've got a lotta ground to cover in a little bit of time!)
Total so far: 214.3
Still to go for goal: 285.7

Yesterday's inspiration: My friend MJ, a survivor who now has a hole in her heart! All our best in your newest battle to recovery, Mary Jane!
Yesterday's miles: 8.5
Total so far: 204.9 (woohoo I finally broke through that 200 mile barrier... I was beginning to wonder...)
Still to go for goal: 295.1

I got to visit with a lot of great friends today. No farkeling involved, but someday I hope to get them back to that. I mean, what's more fun than games and laughter? When I stopped for my last latte of the day, the barista said, "That was an awfully harsh sounding sigh, did you have a bad day?" I think I must have just been completely exhausted between the long (and fast!) walk and all of the great chats and laughter with all of the great people. It was a good day.

I have a really terrific set of music on my iPod titled "Walking Music" and one particular song gets my pace moving perfectly. I can keep going uphill without slowing even when I've been going for over 90 minutes (so I discovered today) and I can smile throughout because this music just gets me feeling upbeat in more ways than one (if that's possible). Whenever it comes up as I'm cycling through the set (I always play it mixed up so I never know when anything will play - it's a surprise!), I pull the iPod out and set it to repeat track so I hear the same song over and over. Sometimes I'll let that song play repeatedly until I've finished my walk because I really like the pace that much.

Now that is the sign of a great workout tune!

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