A little good news...

From May 11th... because I'm a little behind on my email... but how exciting is this? And thank you for everyone who got involved!

Mark, go slap your Senators. Seriously. ;) Yo, Kathy... You and Cursing Mama can have at that Norm, too.

We did it!

Moments ago, the U.S. Senate failed to pass S. 1955.

The vote was close and the debate was fierce. But, at the end of the day, tens of thousands of cancer advocates around the nation stood up and let their Senators know this bill would be harmful to our fight against cancer.

We stopped the U.S. Senate from eliminating guaranteed insurance coverage for mammograms and other life-saving benefits for cancer screening and care!

The vote that just took place was on a process called cloture. Before Senators can have a final vote on a bill, they must pass a motion that cuts off debate and discussion on the bill. That "cloture motion" requires 60 votes. Your actions led to more than 40 Senators opposing cloture, preventing the bill from proceeding.

Visit our vote chart to find out how your Senators voted.

These past two weeks have been a remarkable time for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN). You and your fellow cancer activists around the nation have produced an unprecedented level of grassroots activity and have left an unforgettable mark on Capitol Hill.

In just two weeks, ACS CAN volunteers have:
* Sent 167,000 emails
* Made 8,600 phone calls
* Held nearly two dozen media events and rallies

Together, we have once again made cancer issues a priority in Congress. Your U.S. Senators heard from you loud and clear and we can't thank you enough for your efforts.

This incredible victory gives us great momentum as we fight for our other priority cancer issues. These issues include more funding for cancer research and re-authorizing the federal program that provides mammograms to those cannot afford them. We look forward to working with you on these issues later this year and into the future. Please visit www.acscan.org on a regular basis to stay updated on these issues and more.

Thank you so much for your actions over the past two weeks and for your passion toward this and many of our other cancer issues.

Without you, we could not have won today's vote. Without you, cancer issues would not have catapulted back to the front burner on Capitol Hill. Without you, we would have taken a turn in the wrong direction in our fight to defeat this terrible disease.

But, with your continued support of ACS CAN and cancer issues, we can and will make cancer issues a national priority at the federal, state and local level. Please continue to be a part of all of these efforts - we wouldn't have won without you, and there are more fights to win ahead!

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