It's Back!

Yes, it's true. The brilliant blue skies, the blinding bright of the sun... it was all back. Again! And more gorgeous than ever today. So dazzling. So wonderful and warm. So incredible that I walked out the door and headed out for my mileage and my latte without a care in the world.

Until I came back miles later and realized that I had locked myself out.


Good thing I let my dad have the extra garage door opener when I first moved in so that he'd be able to transport some of my stuff into the new place and I've just let him hang onto it all this time.

Good thing I took my cell phone with me when I ran off for that mileage and latte.

Good thing my mom answered the phone when I called.

Good thing she was willing to drive over with the opener to let me in the garage.

Good thing my keys were in the car of that garage and not further locked in the house.

Today's inspiration: Jessica
Today's miles: 4
Total so far: 229.8
Still to go for goal: 270.2

In My Head: Good Things by The BoDeans (What Else?)

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