I'm a Walkin'...

Zoofy was talking about exercise the other day and her task to find other ways to get it done. Well, there is just nothing like walking in my book. Yeah, I run too. And I get a few more miles in per month when I do that, but there is nothing like walking to keep the injuries to a minimum and go easy on the joints and let you really see the beauty in nature and wildlife and such...

Take my walks today for example. (yep, walks as in the plural form, kids. If I'm going to get as many miles under my belt in the next 25 days until the Relay, I have to push things a wee bit. Obviously I won't finish all five hundred of my current block, but I'll finish the current 300 maybe...) They had everything you could wish for. I saw rabbits, myriad birds, dogs and cats of all variety both on and off leash. I saw scampering squirrels (and a couple that could scamper no more - poor things :(). I saw two beautiful Irish Setters being walked by a beautiful man with that just-right graying hair... The kind that is silvering, like Richard Gere's early salt and pepper days? He was lovely. I said hello to him. :) And I saw squealing children delighting in so much fun and play that I wanted to join right in. I almost told one little girl how lucky she was to have dad there playing badminton with her because I've been searching for weeks for someone to play frisbee with me and have resorted to dragging my cheapo disk around in the back of my car with me on the off chance someone will say they want to play too.

Kel has no interest in this "bo-ring" game of standing there in one spot flipping a stooooopid plastic disk back and forth to each other what-so-evah. Obviously she hasn't played with me lately. Or perhaps she remembers all too well playing with me. One or the other. Because she will not play. But that's all right. One day someone will play with me. Or I'll go get the over-a-million-made-5-star-latte-man's pooch, Sid, and make her play fetch with me. I haven't heard anything about her frisbee skills, but she's probably a star with a fabric frisbee as well... *sigh*

I wonder if the Richard Gere look-alike plays? hmmm. I wonder if he walks his dogs every night at 8:30?

Today's inspiration: Tom McC.
Today's miles: 6 (I outta walk sleep-deprived more often!)
Total so far: 246.3
Still to go for goal: 253.7

In my head: Daughters from John Mayer. I play a lot of John Mayer when I walk. He makes me smile.

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