How I spent my summer vacation... by Keri

In bullets, for Kazoofus... ;)

How I lived yesterday. Because we're all living every day now. Right? RIGHT?

  • Go here for the details. She wrote it so much better than me. Made me laugh my butt off. Or my Kadoofus. Or something.

    And Kath, I did a much better job letting you follow me on the way back UP to Hudson, didn't I? Or is that when you snapped the photo? Our walk, by the way, was a mile over and a mile back. Thereabouts.

  • I also managed to go to DB and have a latte, pick up fritters for the coolest high school senior EVER! (Hey, I'm not going to change a perfect description when I hear one. I already knew it, but now that Kathy has dubbed her, I'm not going to mess with a good thing...)

  • Did a few loads of laundry while I designed the invitations for the grad party for which we now have a date and time as of today! Woohoo! I'm getting somewhere on this thing, thanks to my anonybro and his wife, who told me she loves parties and throwing them (thank dog!). And I have received an offer to help from my new friend, Michele, too. :) Smooches, Michele.

Yesterday's inspiration: Tom M.
Yesterday's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 240.3
Still to go for goal: 259.7

In my head: Memphis in the Meantime from John Hiatt

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