A good night for spaghetti...

It was a great turnout at the Tricia's fundraiser. There was a wonderful show of support. It filled our hearts with hope for the common good in our little community to look around the high school commons and see just how many people came out to show one of their own how much they cared. At one point the commons was filled with people. Good food, good conversation, and the money flowed for a good cause.

I even managed to bring home a hand-blown vase made by a young man who was one of the art department shining stars last year and has only just stepped off to his first year of college... the point that Keli will be in next year. :) DSCN13401 I think it is beautiful.

A couple of days have been spent hauling furniture around with my dear taskmaster anonybro because he had a trailer from a bud. We had a lot of laughs. Or I did, at least. I may have just caused him a lot of frustration... As he said, we weren't even farkeling! Waking up and groaning my way out of bed this morning, I'm really feeling it. Glad the massage chair is finally here. Now I just need one of those large tubs of ice that the athletes use after a hard practice. Not that I'd ever submit my body to the torture of getting into one, but it obviously needs one. (speaking of ice, DJ, did you ever soak your foot?)

Last night we attended our first grad party. It was wonderful. Scrumptious food - with a ginormous chocolate fountain and fruit, marshmallows, and tiny little cream puffs to dip in it. Very cool kudos for that idea. After, we went to anonybros' and did a little discussing of Kel's grad party. The nieces helped put the perfect menu into my head for that. When I mentioned it to Kel last night she said, "YES. That's Totally what we should have." So I guess you were right!

I have many envelopes to stuff and addresses to find now that things are being planned further. When the final date and time is solidified I'll have things to print and envelopes to seal and mail so it can all go out by Monday.

Oh am I feeling old. Somebody get me the Bengay because I don't think I can move...

Yesterday's inspiration: Jessica
Yesterday's miles: 3
Total so far: 236.8
Still to go for goal: 263.2

Thursday's inspiration: Jessica
Thursday's miles: 4
Total so far: 233.8
Still to go for goal: 270.2

I have a new inspiration for upcoming days. Rather a revised one - recurrence. :( Be watching for that. With love for you, Mr. McC. You're heavily on my mind. You too, Carol. Smooches and Hugs to you and all the family.

In my head: I'm posting this because I thought it was bizarre... I woke up with it on some loop in my brain and I never understand why that happens. Well sometimes I get it, like if I go to bed listening to music and then I wake up with a song from that music looping, that makes sense to me, but this esoteric stuff that I haven't listened to in a really long time, never clicks with my logic... this time it was from Jesus Christ Superstar - Hosanna. And the loop was the part where the male chorus is singing "Always thought that I'd be an apostle.... knew that I would make it if I tried. Then when I retired I would write the gosple and they'd all talk about it when we died..." I'm not entirely sure which song it's from because I haven't been able to find matching lyrics. I thought it was part of Hosanna but it isn't showing up there... My brain is smooshing them into that song, though...

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