garage/rummage sale...

I suspect that down in the Milwaukee area, they call 'em rummage sales because everytime he asked about or mentioned it, Jeff (aka over-a-million-made-5-star-latte-man) either stumbled over the words garage sale or called it a rummage sale outright. (Michele is cringing over that new title for him... I'm going to have to change it before he reads it I bet or she won't be able to work with him for how puffed up he'll have gotten! ;) ROFL...)

Hostess with the Mostess, Janet

Anyway, we sat through two days of miserable cold and drizzly weather for our Relay For Life sale at the fabulous Janet's house on Thursday and Friday after two days of pretty gorgeous weather setting the whole thing up. We did alright and managed to sell a great deal of clothing, books, furniture and miscellaneous items, too.

The best part? We did a lot of laughing. How could we not with such a great crew?

Alva checks the clothes Crew Chief Donna and Evie have a laugh

We were visited by many wonderful people from within town and outside of town. The grand totals are not yet in, but the garage is already clean, the leftovers are already delivered to the local second-hand shop who will now sell them with their proceeds going to people who have health needs to be met. And I still had time to head out for an evening with my long-time Gray Street buddy, Cari after all was said and done last night.

That's a lot accomplished in a couple of days! (Even for an old codger like me! *ahem*) And tonight I'm going to go let my hosts beat me at Farkel because they are planning on feeding me dinner. :) First I think I'll go get that walk in. My foot/ankle is starting to heal, I think. Maybe.

Oh, and that rash? It's back again. What a delightful life. *sigh*

In my head: Jack and Diane by John Cougar Mellancamp because it is like a little virus that pulsates in your nerves and never goes away completely. Almost as bad as the worst song ever that I will not name here because if I do someone close to me will inevitably get stuck in their head and just when I least expect it, they will start singing it around me and I will have it back again. Horrible, horrible song.

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