For Carol M...

Okay. Yeah I'm pretty sure I did something seriously wrong to my foot/ankle during those couple of days that I packed on the mileage this week. But not to be outdone, I put a few on today anyway. But now I'm adding ice in to my regimine. And I've pulled out the musty dusty trusty Bioskin from that time a few years back when I sprained my ankle really badly the morning of the Relay. Fun times.

I'm back in the brace and I'm icing heavily and I'm trying not to think about that discussion we gals had at lunch the other day (my fellow HHS Raiders Class of '83 - Hey Cindy, Anne, Connie, Chris and Katie!!! How's it going?!) when Cindy was discussing the fact that she suspects it takes a little longer to recover from injuries now than it used to; I'm trying to imagine she was referring to those who were actually in real sports back in high school and had to deal with injuries back then and have continued that same sort of off and on physical pace. Not those of us who were dancers in school and just eased our way into a nice gentle running schedule over the years like me.

This is nothing. I'll bounce back in no time. *harumph*

seriously. I will.

Busy week ahead. Good thing Wes has been fixing me up with music. I must be an easy read or something. I walked in to Dunn Bros today and he said, "Okay. Today? Here's what I want you to listen to..." and he laid out the plan. So tonight when I went for my walk (a nice leisurely stroll and let me tell you, it was a necessity... if I had to crawl, I would have done it tonight because I had some serious dietary indescretions to pay for tonight and I even went out in the dark but refused to let myself off the hook for it. I took no money because I didn't want to be tempted if I recognized any cars in the lots, to stop at a favorite haunt and join a friend for a cuppa). I didn't know what I was going to find at the end of the earphones with this totally new listen, but I loved it.

Josh Rouse was a great new find. Thanks Wes. I loved it. You were totally right on with that one. Oh, and when I was updating my iPod earlier today? I did a quick little search on one of the groups you shared with me yesterday, which I love and they were giving away three songs which I didn't have. Thought you might like to know... FYI. Head over here if you want to check it out. Very cool.

Today's inspiration: I found out when I read yesterday's paper that a dear friend of mine lost her mother-in-law this week. I knew that Carol was really in bad shape when they found her cancer, and that she would probably go very rapidly, but I'm still very sad for Terri, her husband and the whole M. family. It has been a rough year for them.
Today's miles: 3
Total so far: 217.3
Still to go for goal: 282.7

In my head - Joshua Radin's Sundrenched World

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