Dribs and drabs on a Saturday night...

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated.

Sounds like I missed a great senior concert tonight. It included some interesting things by the sound of it.

Things like the first group - brass choir - having half its members up in the "crows' nest" and the percussion section down on stage, and having the lights go out for this number. Keli said they couldn't see their music at. all. Then the student director came running up to the crows' nest and turned on a really dim light and they all sat hunched over with their faces up to the stands so they could see... Then (same number) two of the trumpet players were missing for this very trumpet-intensive piece, leaving one rather timid player and a partner who had just gotten the music the day before. The horns tried to make up for the missing players to no avail. But even more interesting was here they all are in the dark waiting to take their cue from the student director wondering how they are going to know when to start playing if they can't see anything, when suddenly - two glowsticks start moving in the auditorium... yes, he's directing them with glowsticks. And only half the group can see them. She said, "We were terrible. Terrible!" Then they all had to get up and race down the stairs to the front of the auditorium because they were also playing in the second number down on stage. But she said, "We had dragged our chairs and stands up to the crows' nest because things weren't organized and set up up there, so now we've raced down to stage with just our instruments and it's short the chairs and stands we took with us to go up! But he did something right... he left it dark in the auditorium while we moved so nobody in the audience could see who had just finished playing that awful piece up in the crows' nest. :)

But I, in the meantime, was at Anonybro's house teaching he and the Truffle Queen how to Farkel. I think Sir William (Hi Bill!) and co. were having a cookout down the street and I can just bet they could feel the farkel vibes across the little valley. The Truffle Queen is now the Family Farkel Queen after winning two out of three games tonight. Way to go, B!

When I came home I dug into the photos and got back to work on photo boards for Kel's various grad parties. That is, after I took another walk to get some more mileage on the meter.

Gorgeous weather today/tonight. Best of the spring. Incredible. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. But I guess I'll have to. In the meantime? Sleep is an order.

Sara? You probably aren't reading this, but just in case, I'm giving you a huge hug anyway. Smooches. From Kel's mom. :( (Been looking at tons-o-photos the past day getting that board finished, btw. You are so beautiful. Can't wait for you to see these.)

Today's inspiration: Tricia
Today's miles: 5.5
Total so far: 273.1
Still to go for goal: 226.9

In my head: Dave Matthew's Band, Stand Up (For It)

Relay For Life... It's about being a community that takes up the fight...

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