The big nutshell

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated.

I wrote it all out to email to a friend, so I thought I may as well just cut and paste and post.

  • Up around 9 only to learn that Kel had been awake for over an hour. What's up with that? She couldn't sleep... huh? Bizarre. I got up and showered and prepped for morning coffee. Invited her to join me but she wasn't interested. I drove rather than walking today because of the hour and the other things I needed to accomplish.

  • Medium vanilla latte as usual. :)

  • Discovered that I had misplaced Kel's XD camera chip with over a hundred photos on it within the past three days. Some of which had never been uploaded to the computer. :( I was more traumatized by this turn of events than she was. I headed out to the old house to look around there for it thanking it may have fallen out of a pocket but knowing it hadn't and if it had? I would never find it.

  • Hustled home to prep for lunch. Kel had a 1:00 date with her dad and wanted me to join them. Then she and I scooted to my Anonybro's house to get her photo board shrinkwrapped to take to school tomorrow.

  • That done we then ran to Shopko for a few things. (bored?) and from there back home again. Kel decided on a nap, I decided on a walk in the heat - about a 98 degree heat index today. Glorious! I got about 3/4 mile away when my phone rang. Kel wanted to know if I could take her to Michael's as he was finally home. So I walked back home and did that. Then I took off walking again. Got in about 6.2 miles.

  • Dripping sweaty (there's a picture for you. Yuck.) back home I took a shower and putzed around. Decided to go for a slow walk (so I wouldn't get all messed up again) over to three hats for a beer when Anonybro called to say they were near and would I want to go to Cold Stone for an ice cream? I've never been there, so I couldn't pass that up. Got to see Michele and Wes there. (Hi guys!) Got to hear that more than a million made mocha man is doing okay, too. Which was a real relief. Had a sinless raspberry sorbet. (but I didn't let it stay sinless. I had to add M&M's to it...) Yumm! Then I took my car home and walked over and had that beer. :) Came back home, watched part of a movie (I do believe that Andy Garcia and Richard Gere - who were both in Internal Affair - are two of the best looking men in the movies... so I provided two clicks each, what a treat!) until the kid called near midnight and I had to go get her.

  • Now? I'm dropping over and must sleep. *yawn*

Today's inspiration: The sunshine and high heat index... what can I say?
Today's miles: 6.2
Total so far: 268.5
Still to go for goal: 231.5

Relay For Life... It's about being a community that takes up the fight...

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