aging myself?

Yeah, I'm well aware of the fact that I'm aging myself (but I've already done that a few times around here...), but I've been talking music (a happy addiction of mine) a lot lately with various friends and after pulling some of my cd's out of storage this week I'm updating my iTunes with a few of them today before I do a little exchange with another fellow addict later this afternoon (Hi, Wes!) I doubt being the young pup that he is he's going to want any of the stuff I'm loading today (loads of Styx music - oh man have I got memories of growing up hearing these tunes floating out from beneath Anonybro's closed bedroom door and sneaking in to listen to them when he was off to college, etc.) I picked up an excellent Eric Clapton (The Cream of Clapton) cd the other day and that led to Keli borrowing "The Very Best of Cream" from Brandon, so those are being loaded... We're getting some really nice stuff out here. Thank dog my kid has very well-rounded musical taste.

Then yesterday Wes introduced me to Joshua Radin which is a new favorite. I'm slowly coming around to the Wilco he gave me (sorry, Michele! but there is actually some really good stuff on there! Wes, have her listen to just a couple of tracks... slow intro. ;) )

So yeah, I'm busy with Relay and graduation and other things, (*coughcoughcanyousayIhavefoundadiversion?coughcough*) but I'm also having some fun, which as everyone knows, is very important to one's sanity.

(Too lazy to put in links at the moment. Perhaps I'll add them later.)

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